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Photo: The debut ceremony of Vietnam National Construction Consultants Corporation

Fifty years of effort, VNCC became a leading name in Vietnamese construction consultance industry. As the country experienced more profound integration, VNCC focused its resources to foster competitiveness, advanced on the journey to become an international trademark.

Follow The Decision No. 1061 / QD-BXD dated July 21, 2006, VNCC became the parent company with 9 member companies including:

Union of Survey and Construction Joint Stock Company (USCo)
Consultancy on Construction of Building Material Projects JSC (CCBM)
VCC Engineering Consultants JSC (VCC)
Vietnam Investment Consulting and Construction Designing JSC (CDC)
Consultant and Inspection Joint Stock Company of Construction Technology and Equipment (CONINCO)
National General Construction Consulting JSC (NAGECCO)
Viet Nam Water, Sanitation and Environment JSC(VIWASE)
Construction Informatics & Consultancy JSC (CIC)
Construction Consultant and Safety Technique Inspection JSC (INCOSAF)

Establishing Vietnam National Construction Consultants Corporation as a solid consultancy organization is to promote the synergy of construction consultants, be capable of implement full-scale services with complicated technical requirements and high aesthetic value; be competitive organization with foreign consultancy organizations.

Photo: Vietnam Construction Consultancy Corporation deploys project restructuring and equitization of enterprises

The diversified consulting services of the Corporation satisfied market requirements, governmental requests in the National Assembly Building, Internal Affairs and Central Economic Commission Office, the Ministry of Public Security office, the State Audit Office.

Standstill before economic crisis

Due to global economic crisis, Vietnamese economy suffered recession. To cope with the crisis, Vietnamese government launched a series of measures. As a result, numerous projects were halted, enterprises in construction sector fell into crisis because of job shortage.

VNCC Board of Management consisted with long-term strategic objectives. On the other hand, they flexibly adjusted short-term objectives plans, offered synergic solutions from production to business organization. Thanks to those solutions, not only all planned targets fulfilled but the corporation also increased in prestige and the company scale.

In 2013, the General Division, which was responsible for HR and office administration, the Communist Party’s work and IT since 1990 was divided into two units: HR Management and Development and Administration Department. The Corporation has also appointed various young and competent division leaders to handle unit production.

Promoting international cooperation

As one of the its vital goals, VNCC cooperated with leading consultants such as: SOM, Arquitecnico, LERA (USA); GMP (Federal Republic of Germany); Arep (France); NHK, NTT, MHF (Japan); Heerin, Possco A&C, Mooyoung (Korea); Arup (UK); Beca (Singapore) … in key projects including National Assembly Building; Head office of Ministry of Public Security; Hanoi Museum; Mariott Hotel Hanoi; Bitexco Financial Tower; Keangnam Tower; The headquarters of VTV.

International cooperation not only brought work resources but also helped VNCC improving the staff effecency. Up to now, in international projects, VNCC not only undertakes technical design, construction drawing design but also the role of general construction contractor in international projects.

On 2010, the MoC decided to change the activities of the parent company Vietnam National Construction Consultants Corporation to one-member limited liability company from Jan 1st 2011. In accordance with governmental policy, VNCC rearranged the organization structure of the parent company; rebuilded the corporation vision to 2020; divested capital at joint-venture companies; implemented equitization procedures for member companies and equitized the Corporation in 2016.

Photo: Leading experts and General Director of VNCC participate in the Council of Architecture Design Examination of University of Science in Hoa Lac designed by foreign consultant (2013).

Looking at the ten-year achievements, VNCC has earned the trust of the clients and the MoC, come up with its own practical development strategy. In recognition of the achievements achieved in the last 10 years, the government awarded VNCC the First Class Independence Medal in 2010, and the another one in commemorating VNCC 60th anniversary 2015.

The third generation of leader was consisted with following the predecessor footstep to develop VNCC.