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After nearly eight years of Renovation, Vietnam began to accelerate the country’s industrialization and modernization.
VNCC on the threshold of the new millennia (1993 – 2000)

At that time, a series of construction consultant companies joint the market, which greatly changed the mechanism of design, consulting services and scientific research. Due to the reorganization of the organization structure and human resources follow Decree 388 / HDBT, the general contractors were developing.

In 1993, the MoC renamed the Institute of Housing & Public Construction Design into Vietnam Civil Construction Consultant Company, whose international transaction name is Vietnam National Contruction Consultant or VNCC in short.

This is the first crucial turning point and since then, the name VNCC become familiar in the construction industry and market.
VNCC successfully transformed from self-contained departments into a specialized units, in accordance with international trend and to promote production efficiency. Design, survey and graphing software became increasingly popular. “Natural disaster prevention in Binh Tri Thien” and the project ” Technology transfer of storms and floods impact prevention and mitigation on construction works” has proved its effectiveness in mitigating the impact of natural disasters.

Photo: VNCC cadres studying in the UK under ODA project (1997).

The Company also developed a quality management system in accordance with international standards ISO 9001. VNCC was the first construction consulting organization in Vietnam to receive ISO 9001 – 1994 certification from BVQI (UK).

With improved production capacity, the Company designed a great number of works including Museum of Ethnology, Museum of Border Guards, Dak Lak Culture House, Thanh Hoa Cultural House, Buon Ma Thuat Youth Cultural House, Thai Binh Culture House, International Conference Center at 11 Le Hong Phong, the T1 Passenger Terminal at Noi Bai International Airport, which won National Architecture Award in 2002.

In 1995, Vietnam Civil Construction Consultant Company was honorly awarded the Third Class Independence Medal.

VNCC advanced on the path of international integration (2000-2007)

In the first years of the new millennia, VNCC progressed on the path of international integration. Thanks to the cooperation with renowed international consultants in: National Convention Center, National Assembly House and New Ba Dinh Hall Hanoi National University, EVN Head office…, the Company’s staffs had the opportunity to study, uptake modern technology. These results have promoted the and prestige of VNCC in domestic and international market.

Numerous VNCC staffs participated in advisory councils for MoC leaders, took part in supervising and acceptance of scientific researchs, participated in drafting regulations of the Ministry; in the fields of planning, architecture, science and technology … training undergradutated architects, engineers and supervised their researchs .

At that time, VNCC had the latest computer network infrastructure in Vietnam consultancy industry, and leading experts in 3D graphics and network applications. In addition, the company developed its own software such as reinforced concrete design software, which greatly helped reduce the time of structural designs.

The productivity of the company was significantly improved compared to previous years. The maturity over the years was proved, the technical staffs met the expectation of the previous generation, the Company remained a leading trademark in the industry. New investors find the VNCC trademark a guarantee for the best quality of construction consultancy service.

To improve drawing quality and enhance the coordination among disciplines, the Company has also started to build a detailed and unified library of drawings. Company leaders were trained on information technology and efficiency working method to optimize the management, operation and storage. In the context of the highly market need in construction supervision services, the Company quickly established a Project Management and Construction Supervision Branch.

In that period, the company implemented a great number types of works:

– National projects such as A1, A2 building of Party Headquarter, National Conference Center, International Conference Center for ASEM-5 Conference, Presidential Palace …
– Headquarter of ministries and branches such as: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Planning and Investment, Irrigation Consultants Company No.1, Thang Long Ford JSC, Communist Magazine.
– Key projects, includingVTV Center, National Assembly Building, National Convention Center.
– Schools and hospitals such as University of Public Administration, Hanoi National University, New National Institute of Politics in Hanoi, National Library, Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities, Thanh Nhan Hospital …
– Other works, namely: Da Nang Trade and Industry Office, Vincom City Tower at 191 Ba Trieu, Vietnam Coal Hotel, Standard 27-storey complex at Huynh Thuc Khang, Hanoi Securities Trading Center, Hang Kenh Trading Center Hai Phong, Dang Xa Urban Area in Gia Lam…

Community activities were well evaluated by the superiors with the Merit Certificate of Vietnam Construction Industry in 4 years successively; Certificate of Merit from the Central Committee of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union; Art and Sport activities were regularly held with numerous awards and prize.

For the above achievements, VNCC was the first construction consultant company to be awarded the “Vietnam Golden Star Award” and the Emulation Flag by the Government in 2003.

In 2005, the company was honorly awarded the Second-Class Independence Medal by the Party and the Government.
In the first six years of the new millennia, with well-trained staffs, the VNCC has steadily developed, confidently moving forward in the international integration era.