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According to the Geneva Treaty in 1954, Vietnam was temporarily divided by the 17th parallel. In such circumstance, The Government set the urgent task of quickly recover and building the initial socialism infrastructure.

Along with Party and Governmental bodies return to Hanoi were the architects graduated from the Indochina College of Fine Arts in the 1930s, who would later set the foundation for the precursor organization of Vietnam Construction Consultant Corporation – JSC (VNCC) today.

On April 6 1955, the Prime Minister introduced Decision No. 506 / TTg, establishing the Bureau of Architecture (under Department of Transport and Public Works), the predecessor of VNCC, the pioneer of Vietnam’s architecture design.
Arch. Nguyen Van Ninh (former Head of Department of Architecture – Ministry of Transport and Public Works) was assigned to the Director of the Bureau.

Photo: Arch.Nguyen Van Ninh (top left most) with the teacher and colleagues at Indochina College of Fine Arts in 1920s.

The key personnel of the Bureau were Nguyen Van Ninh, Arch. Nguyen Cao Luyen, Arch. Nguyen Ngoc Chan, Arch. Doan Van Minh and Eng. Pham Dinh Bieu. Shortly after the Bureau’s foundation, Arch. Nguyen Van Ninh and his colleagues were assigned to design and build the Square Platform and Monument of Patriotic martyr in Ba Dinh Square to welcome the Government returned to the capital city.

In Sep 1955, the National Assembly separated the Ministry of Transport and Public Works into the Ministry of Irrigation – Architecture. Architecture Department was under the Ministry of Irrigation – Architecture, directed by Arch. Nguyen Van Ninh.

The task of staffs of the Architecture Department was to focus on the design for restoration of urban areas to stabilize the resettlement of civilians.

In 1957, Arch. Nguyen Van Ninh and the co were honorly assigned to design the Stilt for Uncle Ho as his accommodation and reception room.

Photo: Uncle Ho with the designers and workers on the stilt (Arch.Nguyen Van Ninh sitting 5th from the right) in May 1958.
These years of extremely difficult are unforgettable. Inspite of the personnel shortage and rudimentary tools, architects and engineers of the Bureau of Architects design dozens of works, leaving unforgettable mark in Vietnam architecture history.

Remarkable works:

The first Ba Dinh Plaform, designed by Arch. Nguyen Van Ninh.

Nguyễn Ái Quốc College of Party, designed by Arch. Nguyễn Ngọc Chân, Arch. Trần Hữu Tiềm và Eng. Phạm Đình Biều

Head office of Science and Social Committee.

Monument of Patriotic martyr.

Uncle Ho’s Stilt.