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On Nov, 18th, during the visit of the delegation of the Laos National Assembly's PMU to VNCC head office, the corporation held a detailed working session regarding the project and exchange ideas and experiences by reviewing the implementation and project management procedure of the National Assembly of Vietnam.

Attending the meeting with VNCC were Archineer Asociates Co Ltd, local consultant participating in of the Laos National Assembly House, Mr Nguyen Tien Thanh, Director of the National Assembly House and Ba Dinh Square PMU and Institute of Building Science and Technology (IBST) representatives.

At the meeting, VNCC provided Archineer Vietnam NA House Design profile and answered Archineer questions related to design of the work, especially the structure of the Vietnam NA House roof top. NA House and Ba Dinh Square PMU shared their experience in the operating and project management.

VNCC, Thanh An corporation and Archineer Asociates Co Ltd also discussed the standards regarding architect, C&S principles. These references and experience will greatly aid the Laotian Consultants design and implement the project in the future.

The gift is the symbol of traditional friendship, solidarity and comprehensive cooperation between the Laos – Viet governments and peoples. Groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the Lao National Assembly House was held in Vientiane on Nov 1st.

Co-operating with Laos local consultant, VNCC will ensure the Laos National Assembly will representing supreme authority of the Laotian government with a distinctive, sustainability, and in harmony with the central of Vientiane.