Vietnam National Construction Consultants Corporation – VNCC , can  provide clients with  the following services:

a, Construction and Investment consultancy, general design consultancy including EPC  for projects of civil engineering, industry, transportation, irrigation, urban infrastructure, industrial zone, and other kinds of buildings, including the following services:

  1. Preparing and Checking Eco-technical Report, Investment report, Construction Investment Project;
  2. Verifying  project efficiency and feasibility;
  3. Planning for urban and suburb construction;
  4. Preparing and evaluating Technical design, Detail design, Total cost estimate, Cost estimate of Buildings and Infrastructural system;
  5. Organizing and selecting architectural competition;
  6. Preparing construction rate, price index for building construction;
  7. Controlling building construction investment cost;
  8. Managing of investment cost: total cost estimate, building cost estimate, construction rate, price index for building construction, contracts in construction activities.
  9. Providing Tender consultancy
  10. Providing Project management;
  11. Providing Construction  & equipment installation
  12. Checking quality & the conformation; testing of soil, rock, water, foundation, piles and construction materials;
  13. Providing Construction survey; measurement ; topographical survey; measurement of settlement, gradient, displacement and building positioning;
  14. Inspecting and certifying conformation of construction building quality;
  15. EIA, sociological survey on urban and construction works;
  16. Design consultancy services on power network and transformer station up to 220KV, on acoustic design, telecommunication, telephone, BMS, MVAC, air treatment, survey of lightning protection system, gas system;
  17. Design consultancy services on fire alarm, fighting and protection devices.
  18. Design consultancy services on termite protection for construction works.
  19. Designing telecommunication system for post and telecommunication works;
  20. Design consultancy services on water supply and drainage, sewage and solid waste treatment;
  21. Design consultancy services for foreign investment projects in Vietnam.
  22. Consultancy for quality management system following ISO-9000;
  23. Design and construction of interior, exterior design, foundation treatment of all building types;

b, Construction Errection and equipment installation; underground water construction and exploitation.

c, Real estate trading, infrastructure of urban area, industrial zone and environment sanitation.

d, Investing  and running business on stocks, shares and other valuable certificates.

e, Training and developing human resources on construction consultation and issuing certificates  on construction consultancy.

f, Science study, development study and technology development in construction planning and  architecture;

g, Other business lines in accordance with laws & regulations