Established 55 years ago, VNCC has become a leading provider of construction consultancy services with its development bound up with the development of the country’s construction sector. It is moving forward with confidence into the future.

VNCC is now a recognized brand in construction consultancy (CC) characterized by a high level of professionalism. Its presence can be seen in the thousands of landmark projects all over the country. It has created a strong impact on the architectural landscape of the land. Building on its long – standing traditions, VNCC has continued to play its lead role as a reliable provider of services that meets the requirements and needs of its demanding clients over the years. We take pride in forging ahead strong, and in helping our clients to develop in a wide range of activities.

We have come where we are by way of a creative management system, professionalism, quality, work ethics, and a strong technical capability. This is also the yardstick by which we judge ourselves. It is the high standards that we uphold that help gain clients’ trust. “Quality matters” has been our mantra. To that end, we have worked hard to institute the ISO 9001 – 2000 based management system, making sure that our products and services are high quality.

55 years on, VNCC is now a powerhouse capable of executing the most complex projects from the most demanding clients as the most creditable professional player in the field of construction consultancy. We owe our accomplishments to the leadership of the Ministry of Construction, the assistance of State and Government functions and agencies, the wisdom and many who came before us, and especially the energy and enthusiasm of the young but qualified staff that we are so proud of.

As the parent (HOLDING) company of the VC Group, VNCC has become the symbol of the whole group. We understand that we have a responsibility not only towards our clients but also society.

“Building on the Past - Aiming high- Lighting up the Future”